Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can God have a gender? I think not!

I've thought about this and have wondered: can God have a gender?

I mean, all the monotheistic religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) refer to God as being male. Of course, there are those within some of the religions (women mostly) that believe God is female. However, all of the monotheistic religions do have one thing in common - there's just ONE God.

So, if God is a singular, unique entity with no others like God in the known and/or unknown universe, then how can God have a gender? To be a male or female, one would have to have a like entity of the opposite gender. Thus, if God is either a male or a female, then there must be at least ONE other "God" in existence or one that had once existed. And if there is another gender, then this entity would therefore be able to reproduce however many offspring of him/herself (okay, you can argue that God impregnated Mary, but then the whole "virgin birth" is thrown out the window! Mary wern't no virgin!!)

However, from how religions speak of God and how mortal man of the time describe what God is and what he/she can do, I think it would be more of that God is an "it" - a genderless, omnipotent being that could be able to manipulate human or other living creature's cells to produce a "hybrid" of God and the birthing mother's DNA (which would fit the "virgin birth" theory of Jesus Christ). But then the Judeo-Christian idea of "God created man in his own image" wouldn't hold water, in my opinion.

If this supreme being doesn't have a gender, then what would be this being's form? Why would God pick a "human male" form? Considering the multitudes of forms God can be, I feel more that God's form is, well, formless! A being of such immense power and abilities would probably be better off as a loosely-held body of energy and basic elements so that a) it can assume the form of anything it wants, and b) so that it can interact with the elements and energies of the universe to create, manipulate and/or destroy anything it wants at its own will.

In fact, the very energy of the universe that our current instruments have hinted exists, and future instruments may prove exists, may actually BE God - or what we interpret as God. That would mean that God - this body of formless, endless conscious energy, that has its consciousness attached to everything in existence - would be massive, constituting everything out in the universe far beyond what we can see or comprehend.

So, would a being of such immense energy and size really give a hoot if you don't go to church, have sex for pleasure and not procreation (with same or opposite gender - or both), or say "goddamnit"?!

Think about it!!

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