Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Global cooling IS global warming, ya idiot!!

One of my forum posters has forwarded this little news tidbit to me.

Global Cooling: Record Low Temperatures Hit America

Global warming apocalypse debunked as big chill sets in

Record low temperatures have hit dozens of areas across America as a natural period of global cooling accelerates, leaving man-made global warming advocates with egg on their face as the big chill sets in. Many scientists now say we are in for a 20 to 40 year drop in temperatures.

Yes, and if those industry-funded scientists who do their research with right-wing conservative blinders on would do ACTUAL scientific research, they’d SEE the correlation of the melting polar regions (from… uh-oh… GLOBAL WARMING) with the drastic weather and temperature fluctuations that the planet is experiencing.

As the polar ice caps melt, they’re dumping tons of ice-cold (hence the name polar ICE caps) chunks of ice and water into the world’s oceans making the oceans themselves cooler which in turn affects air temperatures.

Don’t believe me? Try taking a couple of cups of warm water (not hot, just warm) and dump 1/3 cup of ice in it. As the ice melts, the warm water becomes cold AND the air a half inch above it feels cold (that should simulate a microscopic version of our planet’s oceans). THAT is what global warming is doing to our planet!

But those conservative right-wing industry-funded scientists will NEVER admit to it even being a possibility!

They kind of remind me of Holocaust-deniers: no matter how much evidence you put in their face, even the traces that can be seen today, they still will find “evidence” that it was all just a “Zionist plot” concocted by Jews to get the world’s favor for Israel, or some kind of hogwash like that!

Additionally, it’s hard for me to accept the “natural change” theory of these right-wing scientists because the REAL research done at the polar ice caps, and the many glaciers surrounding these regions, are showing more drastic change than has EVER been seen in recorded history. More ice has melted in the past 20 years than what has melted in all the times melting has been recorded – EVER. And as an added bonus, this increased melting trend can be tracked back to the beginning of the increased industrialization of the world’s nations.

That has to be THE most incredible coincidence in the history of coincidences!

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