Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yorktown, NY Central Schools – When is it “enough”?!

Each year or so, we the citizens of Yorktown Heights, NY – along with the other school districts in the Yorktown Central School District – must vote to deny or approve budget spending. Each time, it goes up: higher taxes, a new bond to pay for, whatever.

And EVERY friggin' time, it passes!

This year was no different. Our residents, even with the overwhelming majority of us struggling to make ends meet with this horrendous economy, approved a 2.6% tax increase to pay for the schools. They say it's the lowest increase the town has had.

I don't care if it was only a .000000001% increase – I CAN'T AFFORD THIS CRAP ANYMORE!!! My taxes are more than my mortgage!!

I can tell you, it isn't just because costs have gone up – there is MASSIVE wasteful spending done in this school district (like that should surprise anyone). Just ask Jack Meehan – he ran for and secured a position on the school board some years ago. A conservative and the father of a friend of mine, he let me know exactly what was going on in our school district and, believe me, it was an eye-opener! They even waste money on purchasing paper towels! Why? Because they stay “loyal” to a supplier they've had for years!

Hey, if the company I work for had that mentality, we would have been out of business BEFORE the Bank & Housing Market meltdown! But government can do that because whenever they run out of money, they raise taxes (or in the case of the Federal government, borrow from China!)

Oh, Jack left the board for "health reasons". I think it's really because no matter how hard he tried to change things and save the taxpayer some money, nobody would listen and/or support him. Personally, I think he gave up because he was beating the proverbial dead horse - nothing would change so why waste the time?!

So, enough is enough already! I've been screaming “UNCLE” for the past few years, but they keep twisting my arms off! To me, it seems they won't be satisfied until I'm bankrupt! It's bad enough the economy is in shambles AND I've had my hours at work cut back (again, due to the bad economy) so I have even LESS money to give them in taxes I already can't afford! Ain't that something – a home that's been in our family for about three generations (grandparents, then parents, then myself and my brother) may be lost due to bankruptcy and foreclosure!

I CAN'T EVEN AFFORD THE HOUSE I GREW UP IN!!! And it's a small house – not even 1,800 square feet!

Forget the “can't get blood from a stone” - I'm not a stone, but I'm hemorrhaging from all these taxes! They won't be satisfied until I'm dead in a gutter somewhere - and they'd probably take my body to pay for the back rent from lying in the public gutter!!

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