Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reality stinks!!

Just like the American Auto Industry, American Television is spiraling into the abyss with their top executives laughing all the way down like deranged madmen/madwomen (keeping P.C.)

Take the absolutely idiotic TLC (supposedly stands for "The Learning Channel") show "Jon and Kate, Plus 8" - a reality show following the "adventures" and drama of Jon and Kate Gosselin and their sextuplets. No surprise, with the stress of having EVERYTHING about their lives broadcast to millions of people, having everything they do scrutinized and commented on publicly, and just having a camera in their faces all the time, it's no wonder their having problems with their kids AND their marriage (which from what I understand as of this post is going to lead to divorce).

To top it off, these acts of stupidity that pass as American television programs are SCRIPTED! Yes, they're carefully controlled chaos and drama to keep the American public tuned in to see "what happens next?"

Is this the best that Hollywood script writers can come up with? This dreck that passes for entertainment today? No wonder we're the laughing stock of Europe and hated by the Middle East! They look at our television programs and say, "is THIS how Americans behave??!!"

Just like with the products of our auto industry, as well as other industries that have gone by the wayside over the years, our television entertainment industry is cranking out massive amounts of crap that nobody but the lowest of the low would want to even THINK about spending time watching.

So what does that say about the American viewing public? Have we "dumbed-down" so much that this is the only form of programming we find entertaining? The absurdity of "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy", and the soap-opera drama/documentary style of reality-TV?! The quality of the programming coming out of the entertainment industry anymore reminds me of the types of programs they featured in the fictional sci-fi movie "Robocop" - remember the dirty old drunk guy with the bimbos on each arm repeatedly uttering the tagline "I'd buy that for a dollar!"? We're pumping MANY dollars into programming that isn't worth a dime!

Sadly, that's yet another "prediction" that science fiction writing has gotten right - piss-poor television entertainment! And people wonder why I like the Japanese Anime so much - it's INTELLIGENT entertainment - not that the Japanese don't make dopey animations, but there are so many titles that are far better stories that what is belched out of U.S. studios!

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