Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama polls down, Republican bashing up

Why am I not surprised!

Article link: Poll: Less faith in Obama's economic abilities -

It ain't the article, it's the comments posted to the article!

Wow! Show a negative article about Obama and all the right-wing Reboobicans come out in droves to bash him and give everyone the "See? We told you so!!" rhetoric that their unofficial party spokesperson, Rush Limbaugh, popularized.

Well, if your conservative/Republican position was so spot-on right, why'd you lose to Obama? Oh, that's right, the country on a whole had enough of Republican politics for EIGHT YEARS that did squat for helping avoid the situation we're in and absolutely wasted precious military resources fighting an unnecessary war with Iraq when the REAL enemy of the U.S. was being sheltered by the Taliban in Afghanistan (now hiding in Pakistan!) In fact, you're precious Reboobicans helped drive the deficit higher than the past 20 presidencies COMBINED!

You don't want "socialism", then show the average American (those that work HARD for a living - 2-3 jobs, no or inadequate healthcare, and barely able to keep up with bills while still living with their parents because they can't afford a home of their own!) that capitalism and the free-market system works for everyone - not just the top 1%! However, all America has seen is how the wealthy and powerful SCREW the average American any way they can: Enron, Worldcom, The Oil Industry (remember the $5/gallon gasoline and their "record profits" during that time?), Bernie Madoff, General Motors, etc. The conservative's only defense has been labeling Damnocrats as "socialists" and makers of "tax-and-spend" policy.

I will give that to them. Republicans didn't do "tax-and-spend" in their 8-years, it was "BORROW FROM CHINA-and spend"!

I myself who voted for Obama am not so crazy about everything he's doing, but it was better than the "business as usual" message from John McCain! The worst thing the Reboobicans did to McCain was to convince him to run under their banner! Once McCain stopped being "The Maverick" and became the party mouthpiece, he lost all credibility with the swing voters and a good number of moderate Republicans! If he ran as himself, he probably could have beaten Obama (the Reboobican Party ruined McCain in my book!)

So fine, if all these whining, über-capitalist conservatives feel they're right and everyone else is wrong, then get a candidate who can beat Obama in 2012 and overturn every law his administration puts in place (pretty much what Bush did after Clinton)!

Oh, and for the record: Not everyone who voted for Obama was so näive as to believe he'd solve all our problems in the first 6-months of office. I'd like to know how a few ultra-left wingers become EVERYONE who voted for Obama as these Reboobicans paint us as?!

They question why the defense of those rebutting the FOX-News-style postings is to "bash Bush"? Who do you think LEAD us to this point? Obama inherited this crap, he didn't cause it! And don't bring up Obama being a US Senator before his run for President either because the majority of Bush's tenure in office the Reboobican party had majority control. Obama, being a Democrat, was in the minority party!

These anti-Democrat Obama-bashers are all just pissed that someone with liberal views got into office because THEIR OWN PARTY SCREWED UP!! If the Republican Party agenda was so great, then why'd they drive the deficit higher than it's been in our nation's history (hey, the Democrats are just continuing the downward spiral, they didn't start it) manage to piss off EVERY ally our country has, and missed getting the damn S.O.B. responsible for starting/leading the organization that sponsored the men who bombed the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11/01, by dragging U.S. forces into a country that STILL, to this day, had NO involvement in the 9/11 attacks OR were involved with the group responsible for 9/11; Al Quaeda?!

Tell me how their f***ing up America royaly is Obama's fault?! As I've said to others before, I don't envy Obama his job as President. He's fighting not an uphill battle, but a scaling-Mount-kilimanjaro up-mountain battle to do, all while trying to appease everyone who is so willing to wait patiently to pounce on every little mishap that happens to him!

There isn't enough money in the UNIVERSE to pay me to take his job!

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