Thursday, March 11, 2010

Movie: Repo Men - VERY believable scenario!

Couldn't come at a better time - taking into account the whole craziness with Healthcare Reform!

I'm talking about the new movie coming out called "Repo Men". The plot from Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is about a future time when a medical company comes up with the ability to create artificial organs that can extend people's lives for many years. Problem is, they're very expensive organs (no explanation why there's no health insurance coverage for them - have to see the movie first) and people have to buy them on payment plans. However, if you default on your payments, the company sends Repo Men out to reclaim their property - and it ain't pretty! They'll jump you wherever you are and cut the organ out of you on the spot (no anesthesia, no hospital, no way you'll survive)!!

The thing about it is, it's totally believable to me! With poor healthcare coverage, rising healthcare costs, and our capitalist society, that scenario is quite plausible. It is unregulated capitalism - profit over humanity!

It's this kind of mentality - that money is more important than the health & welfare of the citizens and the environment - is why I always support regulation, why I support healthcare reform, why I support regulations on commerce and industry, and why I support public funded programs. Left in the hands of entrepreneurial capitalists, the United States would resemble more like a monarchy rather than a democracy (not like it's not close to that right now!) with the rich and powerful being able to do anything they want just because they can and they want to keep their great power. Not like the government doesn't abuse power, but that's why our Founding Fathers set up the democratic system of goverment of, by and for The People. WE, The People, decide how much or how little regulation, power and control the government has - not the markets or money.

That is, in theory.

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