Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Rant FOR the Environment

Here we go again - the latest "Obama-bashing"...

Now the conservatives/GOP/industrialists/oil barons (I lump them all together) got their dander up because of a memo about a possible (not concrete inevitable) plan from the Obama Administration to grab hundreds of acres of unspoiled land (land that happens to be possible oil drilling/land-raping sites) and make them Federally protected natural habitats. Also, Utah (which has some of the most beautiful unspoiled landscapes in America), who has about two-thirds of their state designated Federally protected lands, is in the process of trying to (through the courts) seize back that Federally protected land using "eminent domain" as the reason why they should be allowed to get all that land back and develop the hell out of it.

Funny how each economic downturn brings about "develop, develop, develop"...

Same old capitalist dogma: develop all of "God's Green Earth" for the glory of the Human Race and the Almighty Dollar! If capitalists had complete, unfettered control of the world, we'd all be living in a rotting, dead, unlivable cesspool resembling a cross between the over-developed "Coruscant" from "Star Wars" and the black-sky, smog-infested industrial wasteland of "Giede Prime" from the movie "Dune".

I hope the environmentalists beat back the greedy industrialists and their GOP politician lapdogs once again!


The human race is the biggest environmental hazard of this world - if we weren't here, the world would be a better place! Unacosted, unspoiled, and (as the religious-right "bible-thumpers" might say) JUST AS GOD HAD CREATED IT!

Yeah, all you uber-conservatives, religious-right-wingers who are so busy telling us liberals we're all sinners to be atheists, agnostics, homosexual, bisexual, transgendered, same-gender marrying, pot-smoking, evolutionists, yet you're destroying the very world that you firmly believe the God you love created - all for the sake of money and personal power!

You so-called "Christian" land developers, industrialists, and any Republican (and "Tea Partyer") that supports environmental decimation all for the sake of money, are among the biggest hypocrites in the world!!

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