Thursday, March 3, 2011

Right Wing Mindlessness - MY Hot Button!

Here's MY hot button for today...

Another rant on Obama at the office I work at. WHAT ELSE IS NEW?!

They were complaining that the House had put forth a budget of 14 trillion dollars and that the cuts that House Republicans put in are something like less than 1% of reduction of spending. Now, this was the REPUBLICANS that put this forth, but who's fault is it in their eyes?

President Obama.

That seems to be the theme – regardless of who's at fault, blame Obama. Like it was President Obama that brought us to the brink of the economic collapse – that the EIGHT YEARS OF “DUBYA” BUSH HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!

Then they were going on that Obama should authorize offshore and Alaska drilling – like THAT will help the economy!

The oil industry is already THE most profitable industry in America – with the oil sources they currently have! They don't need to “drill, baby drill”. Our costs for gasoline/diesel fuel, home heating oil and other petroleum products isn't because of short supply, it's because the oil industry is ramming high costs down all our throats so they can make record profits – keeping the oil barons of America and the Wall Street fat-cats/stockholders wealthy and on cloud nine!

But what really burned me was that one of them, when asked why we don't do more offshore drilling or drill in protected lands or all of Alaska, it was responded with, “It's because of the environmentalists – they say we'll ruin the environment.”

The person that asked the question (a known right-wing conservative) responded, “The heck with the environment, we need to utilize our own resources.”

Yeah, “the heck with the environment”. I guess that right-winger is still getting their facts from Fox Republican News where their environmental data comes from the oil companies themselves who believe that all the global upheaval in the climate is a natural occurrence an that we humans have NOTHING to do with what's going on – even though EVERY geophysicist and/or climatologist around the world says differently!

Well, I guess when a country that's ranked 25th in math and science in the world says that the global weather changes is a natural occurrence, when those ranked 1-5 say otherwise, we should be considered right!

Yeah, and I own both the Brooklyn Bridge AND Golden Gate Bridge!!

So yeah, let's “drill, baby drill” - let's drill ALL the oil out of every square inch of American soil we can! Fuck the environment! Who needs it? We don't need things like animals, trees, flowers, insects, clean water and FRESH AIR, because we need oil – that's the most important thing! We can get along with using personal re-breathers or oxygen tanks to walk outside. We can get used to getting acid burns on our skin when it rains because the water will be so polluted falling from the sky that we literally WILL melt in the rain! And we can learn to be nocturnal – because the daytime will be too much for us after we loose the ozone layer and radiation levels from the sun become so intense that just 60 seconds in direct sunlight will burn you and give you skin cancer!

But who cares about having that life – we need oil. That's all that's important!

(In case you didn't understand, that last block of text, marked in maroon was sarcasm. If you did not understand that, then it's further evidence we should NOT cut education funding, but cut giving tax breaks to the 1-2% of the country that has 90% of the total WEALTH of the country!!)

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