Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Hijacking Of America

We're in the last few days before August 2nd – That day could very well be doomsday for America and many who depend on America for support and us being a strong nation.

That is the deadline for Washington D.C. Federal elected officials to raise the debt ceiling so that the United States can continue to pay their bills abroad and not go into default and lose its AA credit rating.

Problem is, is that nobody wants to raise the debt ceiling until a budget plan has been passed with it. President Obama and Democrats want large corporations and America's “Elite” - the top 1% (who owns 90% of the country's wealth) – to contribute more for revenue generation to offset the national debt, even if it's a little bit – anything would help. First it was to raise taxes on the Top 1%, then raising taxes was removed and replaced with making some tax reform and close some of the “loopholes” - special deductions that allow the wealthiest of multinational corporations and individuals to pay far less in taxes than what they're supposed to pay – in other words, have them actually PAY their taxes!

Republicans want major “reforms” in entitlement spending and reducing military spending. “Entitlement” spending means Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Unemployment Insurance – everything that the Middle and Working Classes depend on in order to survive on a day-to-day basis. Their view is that the “job creators” (those same multinational elite corporations in America/Top 1%) are slowly being “taxed to death” for contributing to these programs (employers match the deductions in your paycheck to the Federal Government through FICA and other deductions).

Both sides are at the proverbial “stalemate” - The President and Democrats don't want to touch entitlements and Republicans don't want to touch corporate loopholes in the tax code. Both sides won't come to an agreement without their side's “banner causes” being left alone. Therefore, nobody will sign off on any bill for raising the debt ceiling unless their causes are stripped from it and not touched. Thus, there is a more than fair chance that the August 2nd deadline will pass with no bill for raising the debt ceiling signed and the country will go into default and our credit rating will go in the crapper – along with the value of the American dollar and any chance of the United States coming out of the Great Recession. In fact, it could become The Great Depression – Part II!

And the kicker of this is, it's all being held up by a small band of “new Republicans” that got voted in by those TEA Party whackadoodles who don't care about anything else except cutting taxes and spending – of EVERYTHING! Seasoned Republicans want to deal with Democrats and come to a compromise which even the President wants to do. But those Republicans can't get enough of a vote for any compromise bill because of those TEA Pary Republicans. These TEA Partyers would rather see the country spiral into poverty and possibly become the largest third-world nation on the planet than come to a compromise!

Pardon my vulgar American English, but ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??!!! How is it that a small, fringe group of ONE political party that only has control of ONE house of our government can hijack and hold ransom the entire U.S. Government and its people?! We are so worried about Muslim terrorists, these TEA Party loonies are worse! They will financially destroy America to further their fundamental right-wing conservative agenda!!

Yes, let's let the people with ALL the money contribute NOTHING, but take everything from those that HAVE NOTHING?! That's fucking smart!! Ever heard of “can't take blood from a stone”? We the middle and working class are petrified from having all the life taken out of us, and they want to take more – so the elites of this country can continue to make incredible profits off our backs! We've seen our incomes drop, benefits reduced and savings accounts dry up, while the top 1% continue to get rich even in economic hard times! One of these corporate Vice Presidents makes more in a year than most of us will see in a lifetime of labor! Even if you got rid of ALL the loopholes these corporations and wealthy individuals make, it STILL won't hurt their bottom line! Especially wealthy individuals – they really make me laugh on how ridiculous they are bitching and moaning about the taxes they pay. Even without their loopholes and massive amounts of tax deductions they have, they would still have more money than they will EVER need to live a comfortable, lavish lifestyle!

But you can't tell these conservatives anything. They praise Ronald Reagan and his “trickle-down economics” theory – that theory that if you give everything to the elites, that it will turn into jobs and more wealth for those under them. In other words, the money would “trickle down” to the rest of us.

That's bullshit!! When has ANY tax breaks, deductions, and “corporate welfare” EVER given the rest of us more wealth? They extended the Bush Tax Cuts on the wealthiest Americans and corporations, and we're STILL losing jobs – but corporate CEO's, VP's, board members and stockholders are still making money as if it were just a minor recession while the rest of the country (the other 99%) are becoming homeless, jobless, and losing everything they've worked for all their lives!! But heaven forbid you ask the Top 1% to shoulder some of the burden. Oh no, that's not possible! That would be SOCIALIST!

They wouldn't even CONSIDER a “trickle-up economics” model – which is essentially what the Democrats are proposing. Leave entitlements alone (other than streamlining how these programs operate so they work more efficiently and thus cost less on the administrative end), get rid of all those corporate tax loopholes, and those at the bottom will spend the money they get on the products and services the corporations provide – thus, they'd make the money that they gave up by paying THEIR FAIR SHARE back! Ya see? Trickle-UP economics!

But as I said, they would look at it as socialism. Republicans have wanted to destroy these programs ever since their creation! Now they feel that they have a chance by holding the entire country and this Democratic administration hostage with the debt ceiling to get to their ultimate prize: the end of all social programs in America! Praise fucking capitalism and its Monarchist-style mentality!

Y'know, socialism doesn't seem so bad after all since giving up your freedom of speech and unbridled liberty means your country will weather any economic storm and you'll be guaranteed a home, food and healthcare until you die.

China is doing pretty good economically. I hear Cuba is nice! :/

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