Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Okay, now what Prez Obama?!

Barack Obama has been President for approximately (since this post) 64 days. In that time, he and the Democrats on Capitol Hill have passed the Economic Stimulus Bill and have a number of other bills to work on improving health care and education in this country. The country's financial institutions are getting bailout money, as well as other manufacturers and commerce companies are seeking "hand-outs" from the Federal Government to help keep their businesses from going under.

That's all fine and dandy, but how's that helping average America - y'know, the "people on Main Street"?

With all that's been happening, I'm still paying too much interest on my mortgage, my bills are still high, and the company I work for has cut everyone's hours and is struggling even more to keep from going bankrupt! I'm unsure if I'll have a job still by summer, let alone if our company will survive this way for the next 4-5 years - which is how long both Warren Buffet and an economics professor from one of America's top ivy-league schools has estimated it'll take the U.S. to come out of this recession. Also, both have estimated that unemployment will reach double-digits (over 10%) before the year is out!

I don't know about you, but that sure as heck doesn't give me the confidence I need to go out and "stimulate the economy" by making big-ticket purchases, or any other purchase for that matter, with my money since I a) live paycheck-to-paycheck and b) don't have enough savings to float me until the job market gets better!

So President Obama - what suppository to you plan to give our economy to improve ALL jobs by getting businesses to DO business which they in turn will need to hire people at liveable wages (as well as give them job security) to work those jobs which will give those people the money they need to cover their bills and have some left-over to spend and stimulate commerce by buying that wide-screen TV or DVD/BlueRay player or go to that health spa, etc., etc., etc.?

I await with baited breath - as in my breath will smell like fishing chum after I lose my job, my home, my savings and am living on the streets begging for food!! I can't wait for the economy to fix itself. I, and most of America either losing their jobs or getting cut back so much that money gets too tight to manage without going into massive debt, need a solution NOW!

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