Thursday, April 9, 2009

Get outta my way, truck!!!

I’ve come to the conclusion that trucks exist to get in my way!!

It drives me looney tunes! Every time I’m trying to get somewhere, I round a corner and BAM – a slow-moving truck is there!!

And I do mean ssssslllllllooooowwwww!

Well, considering my 2006 Magnum SXT has some pretty good acceleration, I tap the gas pedal and I’m up the kazoo of these trucks. I mean, I’m going from 0-60 in seconds whereas you can stop and get a cup of coffee by the time most of these trucks get to 60 mph.

And ain’t it always that these trucks get in front of you when you’re RUNNING LATE?!!!

I say, forget road “shoulders” – they should be turned into turning/truck lanes and make all roads two-lanes: one lane for trucks, clueless/lost drivers, and geriatric drivers who should have retired from driving YEARS ago. Then, the other lane for those of us who KNOW where we’re going and want to get there quickly!

My 20-25 minute commute would drop to 10 minutes if that was so. That Dodge can haul-arse when you want it to. Not bad for a V6-powered station wagon, eh?!

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