Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stupidity abounds (what else is new?!)

I find it so darn difficult to deal with the public in general - the blatant to subtle stupidity that seems to overcrowd this nation that is the United States is astounding.

I may not be the brightest bulb or the sharpest knife on this planet, but I feel as though I'm not too far off in my level of maturity and intelligence from those that hold high positions in our society (which include politicians), and I consider myself to be no brighter now than I was when I was in fourth grade!!

How about what's in the news? Everyone keeps complaining about all the "liberal spending" the Obama Administration is doing. Yet, back in the 1930's, when faced with a similar economic crisis, conservatives then convinced America and those in power NOT to spend, spend, spend and drive up the national debt to save our financial institutions and bail out a lot of America. What happened? The Great Depression, that's what happened!

Lets see, with drug lords and the Mexican government basically "at war" with one another that causes civilians, honest police and the occasional tourist to die, millions of Mexicans flooding into our country illegally yearly looking to get away from all the crapola in their country, and the fact that EVERYONE knows the place ain't the "cleanest" country in the world, everyone thinks it's a good idea to go vacation there! So is it any surprise that Swine Flu broke out and spread across the world thanks to those that DID vacation there?! Duuuuuuuhh!!

How about the news recently with the "Air Force One fly-by" in New York City? First off, there was the stupidity of the officials that did this stunt (it was a photo op of AF1 so to update the White House’s database of photographs of the plane with having national landmarks as the backdrop – including the Statue of Liberty) who did informd both the FAA and New York City police and airports about the fly-over, yet told them NOT to tell the public – which included the stupidity of NYC officials NOT informing the MAYOR OF NYC of what’s going on (really, don't you think that at least the mayor should know what the U.S. government is doing in his city?!) What was increasingly stupid, was that the whole city got in an uproar and ran like rats from a sinking ship while the plane was flying around. They actually thought that it was another 9/11-style terrorist attack!

Okay, the likelihood that terrorists would be able to get a hold of Air Force One and fly it into the Statue of Liberty or re-bomb ground zero with an F-16 flying behind it, makes as much sense as appointing Newt Gingrich to head the Social Security Administration!

I also love on how people keep saying Obama is arrogant. Of course most, if not ALL, of those accusations of arrogance come from conservatives & right-wingers! Is it arrogance for an American President to be proud of being the leader of America (or as they always say, “the greatest nation on Earth”)? If he didn’t say that, conservatives would have a problem with him not having ENOUGH pride! And how is it arrogant for Obama to go to the World and tell them in not so many words, “We [America/Americans] screwed up and we’re trying to fix it.” (i.e.- Iraq War, economic collapse, etc.)

What it comes down to is that there’s nothing Barack Obama can do without it being “wrong” in the eyes of The Right. Even if Obama was to end world hunger, poverty, war, and bring about an unprecedented period of utopic perfection, he would STILL be blamed for “the world being too peaceful and perfect” by The Right!

Want some population control? STUPID PEOPLE SHOULDN’T BREED!! That would drop the population of the planet in no time!

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