Friday, May 8, 2009

Hex Sox

Being from New York, I can't help but catch a Yankee game ever now and then. Not that I'm a "fan" in its truest form but being raised in a family where everyone else is a fan, I have a special place in my heart for the ole Bronx Bombers.

Then, the whole world of New York baseball came crashing down - when the Boston Red Sox broke their 87 year "slump" and won the 2004 World Series. Ever since then, the Yankees have either not made it to the playoffs or squeak in with a "wildcard" win - only to lose it in the first rounds of the playoff games.

Boston fans have since been screaming, "The curse is reversed!" (for more information, check out "The Curse of The Bambino" on Wikipedia)

Personally, I don't think they've reversed the curse, nor did they break it. I think they cursed NEW YORK!

I firmly believe that they paid a voodoo priestess to put a hex on New York so that they could win the World Series! It makes sense. You could blame it on the fact that the Steinbrenners had a new stadium built, but that was AFTER Boston won. You could blame it on Manny Ramirez hitting that kid who just happened to reside in the old ranch of the late Babe Ruth, but I feel that the voodoo hex is more fitting.

As many of my closest fans will attest, Boston couldn't win without cheating somehow!!

Betcha if you look at the ledger books for the Boston Red Sox franchise for 2003-2004, I'll bet there's a large cash payment to a New Orleans address hidden in them pages!

I'll bet you the next championship game?!

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