Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free to speak of stopping free speech too!

Yeah, it figures.

All of the conservative news prints and networks are all up in arms over this whole Miss USA/Ms. California hullabaloo - in the campaign of bloggers and other left-side thinkers "attacks" on her "anti-gay" comments when asked if she was in support of gay marriage. It's been a media blitz on the two sides of the issue and even threatened to take her crown away (not mentioning her nearly-nude pics, of course). And just like many other conservatives in this country, Miss Cali is upset and angered by the “loaded question” about gay marriage from a blogger who “has an agenda”.

Loaded question?! What? Is it wrong to ask someone who's a public icon what their view is on a particular subject in American society? What on Earth is she whining about?! I guess Rush Limbaugh didn't get a chance to coach her on how to “deal with left-wing liberals” - which is usually to insult the hell out of them all with a look of disbelief that says, “they [liberals] are so stupid and contradicting!”

Do many liberal/left-thinkers cry out to stop others from speaking their feelings – especially if it's in opposition to their beliefs? Hell yeah! Speaking out and calling for stopping people from speaking pro or anti something is part of free speech too! Where would ethnic minorities be without that?! So, if there are people pissed off that Miss Cali personally is against gay marriage, they have the right to speak THEIR minds in lambasting her and calling for her to be removed from the Miss USA title. Their prerogative (y'know, that whole “free speech” thing?) And it's her right to blast them back, insult them, call them out, etc. (reference Rush Limbaugh). It's a competition thing (she should know about that – she just did a beauty pageant!) A competition to get public support – whoever gets the higher percentage of public support wins. Right now, homosexuals are trying to climb up to that majority support. If their tactics may seem crass, in-your-face and sound like they're in a fight for life...

Well, they pretty much are! They're fighting to be recognized as regular citizens and not as some sub-class because of their mental predisposition for gender preference or self gender-recognition, or however you can call homosexuality, transsexualism (and all the other “alities” and “isms”) in a “politically-correct” [ugh!] way.

So, all you “liberal, agenda-minded gay-supporters” keep posting, blogging, twittering, etc. what you feel. It's your right to free speech! Miss California, you need to get your “soldiers” together and counter-attack the attacks on you with your OWN posting/blogging/twittering campaign. If you can't stand up to your public opposition, then maybe you SHOULD give up your Miss USA crown.

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