Wednesday, August 4, 2010

'No Mosque at Ground Zero'? You're DAMN Right!!

In the latest affront to the United States and everything we enjoy about being American, a group wishes to build one of the LARGEST mosques in New York City...


First, those opposed to the mosque wanted to have the building it was going to replace - a run-down, Italian design structure - to be made a landmark so that it couldn't be built there. Unfortunately, the tired old building was just not up to the task of being labeled a landmark.

Now, even Mayor Bloomberg is behind the building of this mosque. He, and others that support it (including those that are building the mosque) herald the mosque as a 'bridge to understanding and tolerance' (not a quote, just an inference of what they believe).

And if you believe that piece of dookie-shyst, I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you... CHEAP!!

If the people of New York, and the country as a whole, allow this project to come to fruition an be completed, we're going to be buying into more than a scam - we're buying into our own destruction! The complete and utter breakdown of all the freedoms and liberties we love about America!

Here's an opinion from a British citizen (British mind you - not even an American) about this proposed project. And to be perfectly honest, I agree with this fellow 100%!!

YouTube video:

As far as I'm concerned, having a mosque build the size they propose and in such close proximity to ground zero as this, is like building a statue to honor Osama Bin Ladin and his Al Quaeda forces! That mosque will symbolize (in my opinion) victory for Al Quaeda in their holy war against the United States and our allies!

AND, they plan on having it built and ready to open in SEPTEMBER of 2011!! We're still futzing around with the "Freedom Tower" to be built on the site of the old Twin Towers property, and they'll have their mosque done before the new site at ground zero is completed! WTF??!!! Not to mention, these mosque builders want to open the structure to the public (muslim public) on or around the anniversary date of the terrorist attack in September (y'know: 9/11??!)

America, you better WAKE THE F**K UP!!! I don't give a damn about our country's constitutional right of "freedom of religion", these friggin' muslims are spreading their ideology across the globe like a cancer - and they're infecting AMERICA!! Unless America REALLY wants to live under Sharia Law and have our country's laws and culture dominated by the Qura'an and Islamic theocracy, then we need to stop their influential spread HERE AND NOW!!

New York will be their stepping stone down the road to victory against the United States and our American way of life! Their spread has been going on for MANY YEARS here in America - through the influence on black America in the prisons across the country (remember Malcom X?!) Our country's past long-lasting intolerance towards African-Americans - especially from so-called "Christians" (many I think are no better than the muslims) have driven many of our black citizens into the fold of Islam - ensuring an Islamic foothold and increased dominance in America and the world! Most of Africa is now muslim and little-by-little, most of Europe as well.

NOW, that same pattern of "stealth jihad" - the quiet takeover - is forming here in America.

Instead of this country's militia standing against our government because of the fear of losing their second-amendment rights (right to bear arms), they should get together and drive out the muslim invaders of this country! If there was any time that America needed the militia, the good ole fashioned "Minutemen", it's now!! Our country is being invaded by a foreign force intent on the destruction of America.


My challenge to those militia people is this: If you have ANY guts at all - if you're not a bunch of wusses playing with pea-shooters in the woods - and if you TRULY care about America and the flag you fly in your bunkers and training camps, then FIGHT against these muslim invaders and drive them from our borders! If you believe that you should fight and possibly DIE for this country and the constitution you believe in, then the time is NOW!!

I DARE you to do to them what they've been doing to us for YEARS! Become America's "freedom fighters" and bring terrorism to THEM for a change!!

Unless you militia people are gutless wonders that WANT to be taken over by Islam! Our government and mainstream people are too blind and whipped to do anything. If you want to truly preserve your constitutional rights AND have a future of being able to stand up and fight peacefully for your rights, you'll do this.

OR, you can fight the whole world after it's taken over by muslims! Your choice!

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