Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So, what's so great about Republican control?

This year, the Republicans are on the offensive - backed by grassroots conservatives such as the T.E.A. Party Movement and all the disillusioned moderates who voted for Barack Obama and now are disappointed, disgusted, and are downright ticked-off at the current president. Tell you honestly, I've been pretty unhappy with President Obama myself (but not necessarily for the same reasons as conservatives).

The thing is, does the majority of the country really, REALLY want to go 100% conservative? Especially from what I've seen on television, we're talking die-hard, right-wing conservatives want to take control of the government and run it from their far-right playbook.

Take the Republican Whip, Eric Cantor. On Fox [Republican] News, he was going on a passionate speech about how he and his Republicans, when they take back the House and Senate (very confident, isn't he?) how the first thing they're going to do is get rid of the Healthcare Reform Act - or more popularly known by those opposed to it as “Obamacare”. He and his Republicans want to repeal, de-fund and in a more summarized word, obliterate Healthcare Reform.

One thing during the entire right-wing-thumping speech about how bad the Democrat's Healthcare Reform Act is, how much the “American People” want it gone, and how fervently they want to pursue its demise (above anything else such as economic recovery and the Afghan War), is the fact that there was NO mention of what will REPLACE the Healthcare Reform Act.

So, if the country goes and gives back control to the Republicans, and they successfully repeal the Healthcare Reform Act, what's going in its place? Huh, Mr. Cantor? What are you and your Republicans going to replace this piece of legislation with? Are you going to give the populous back its previous failed healthcare system? Is there NOTHING in this Healthcare Reform Act that you will keep? One thing of "Obamacare" I don't want to see repealed is the law against denying benefits to people with pre-existing conditions/illnesses. I know a few people who would be quite hurt if that was repealed - since they DO have pre-existing conditions and will most likely need to change healthcare providers within the next couple of years due to job losses.

One of the reasons America voted Barack Obama into office was his pledge to overhaul the healthcare system. What Obama was offering seemed more acceptable to the public during the campaign trail than what your party's candidate, John McCain, was offering, Mr. Cantor.

And how much “privatization” do the Republicans want for our government programs? You want your Social Security funds on the open market? You want the same wizards that brought us to this economic point – the “Bernie Madoffs” - to have control over the Social Security, Welfare, and Unemployment programs of this country? How about your State and Interstate road systems, bridges, tunnels and National Parks in the “capable hands” of private enterprises – perhaps even FOREIGN investors?

What if the Republican government decided to sell off the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or Yellowstone National Park to wealthy oil companies in an effort to “save taxpayers money”? You really believe they'll protect those lands as well as federal laws would? Or would it be the “Sarah Palin Syndrome” of “Drill-baby-drill!!”

And also, let us not forget that the “ballooning deficit” and “out-of-control spending” that Republicans accuse the current Democratic-controlled government of creating BEGAN with the previous Republican government – or has everyone forgotten about George W. “lets-drill-everything-fight-everyone-and-deregulate-oil-companies” Bush?! Don't forget Ms. Sarah “Drill-Baby-Drill” Palin who wanted to drill the hell out of her own State of Alaska! You think tourists will want to see the pristine, picturesque horizons of Alaska filled with oil rigs belching smoke and machine-noises, pipelines cris-crossing the landscape, and the smell of oil in the air 24/7? Thank GOODNESS Palin and Bush were pushed down when they suggested opening up ANWR to drilling!

Yes, let's bring back the Party that gave us $3+ per gallon gasoline, The Iraq War (which it alone claimed the lives of over 4,400 and countless wounded & permanently-disabled U.S. sons and daughters in uniform – and hasn't brought us ANY closer to getting the bastards that attacked America on September 11, 2001!), and the bogus tax breaks that mainly helped the top 1-to-5% of the wealthiest people and began the spiraling deficits we continue to feel!

Not saying that the Dems are doing such a great job, but honestly – what would be so great about having Republican control of the government again?!

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