Saturday, March 19, 2011

Birthers: The Cult

Image of Obama birth certificate from
I've come to the conclusion that, no matter what you do, you will never, ever convince Birthers that Barack Obama is a U.S. Citizen, born in Hawaii in 1961. It's just beyond the comprehension of their anti-Obama minds. To this day, they still chant, “show us your birth certificate, Obama!”

Which is absolutely ludicrous - since he not only showed it, but made it available ONLINE! Tell me, what other president has had to go through as many loops and jumped as many hurdles to prove themselves an American as this man?!

I firmly believe that you could have the governor of Hawaii go right up to one of these birthers with a legal, notarized copy of Obama's birth certificate, put it right up to their face and say, “Here is Barack Hussein Obama's birth certificate, and I can confirm under oath that he is indeed an American-born citizen”, that birther would lean to one side out of view of the birth certificate and say, “show me his birth certificate!”

Because they just don't WANT to believe anything else other than Obama being a liar about his citizenship. These Birthers are so strongly convinced that Obama's legality is some sham or conspiracy, that no amount of proof will convince them otherwise.

The only way to categorize these people or to be able to explain their stubborn obsession with the subject is to say that Birthers are like a cult – they have a religious-level belief that Barack Obama is not a U.S. Citizen. Trying to convince them otherwise would be like trying to convince a devout Christian that God or Jesus Christ doesn't exist, and never had.

So, if the level-headed and fact-minded people of this country really want to stop all this Birther nonsense, all would have to start referring to Birthers as cultists. So, therefore, people who follow the Birther belief are committing blasphemy (or some other religious high-crime) against their original chosen religion – whether it be Christianity, Judaism, Islam or whatever.

That should do to point these Birthers out as the short-sighted, hateful, paranoid simpletons that they are!

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