Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Rant on Birthers - They Deserve It!

Y'know, this whole “Birther” thing is just getting to the ludicrous level. It was at ridiculous when it first came out, now that it's being dragged back into the media again is just plain insane, stupid, and why I continue to have no respect for the Republican Party and conservatives in general!

And what's worse is, it's being trumpeted by Donald Trump! I mean, the man is supposed to be a “leader” in real estate development, was smart enough to make millions in that trade regardless of what was, or is, thrown at him, and now is looking to run for the Presidency. And what does he choose to make his strongest platform? Questioning the legitimacy of Barack Obama's birth certificate. WTF?!!

To make things worse, more conservatives are jumping in on the “Birther-bandwagon”. Conservatives I have to deal with on a daily basis want Obama to produce his birth certificate, have it tested to see if it actually was made around the time of his birth (testing the age of the paper, type of paper, etc.) and so forth. Really?!!

Now, I got a CNN news blurb stating that Obama's long form birth certificate is being released. When the whole “Birther” crap first started, he had released a certificate of birth from the state of Hawaii, but that wasn't good enough for the Birthers – even when other Republicans said he was a U.S. Citizen, that still wasn't good enough. Now, he's getting out this “long-form” which I think is the hospital records of his birth to once again prove his citizenship.

Betcha the Birthers will STILL not believe it! They will find something wrong so they can cry “foul!” The thing about Birthers is that they absolutely despise Obama – not disagree, not dislike, not even hate, it is most definitely a despise of the man. They think he's a liar (duh, he's a politician! What politician tells the truth unless it's advantageous to them?!), but the depth of their distrust in him is so deep, that they think he's part of some great conspiracy to get a “Muslim sympathizer” in control of the U.S. Government so that the Middle East can take us over! Really? The nation of Islam knew that this little baby born Barack Hussein Obama would grow up to be President when he was born in the 1960's?! Wow! Then those Muslims must have been better than Nostradamus!

And that's at the heart of this Birther stuff. Birthers don't want him proved to be a U.S. Citizen, they want him proved to be a NON-U.S. Citizen! What they want is not Obama or someone else showing undeniable proof of him being born an American, they want Obama to come out and say, “Okay, you got me! I've been lying all this time. I was actually born in Kenya and grew up a Muslim, but wanted to be an American so badly, that I faked my Hawaiian birth and my Christianity! I will step down as President effective immediately with my most sincere apologies to the American people and the Constitution on which governs it!” THAT is the only thing that Birthers want – to be vindicated of all their conspiracy-theory insanity and proven right!! Short of that, the Birthers will keep preaching, “show us your birth certificate” even after Barack Obama has left office and died an old man!

Honestly, would Collin Powell had to have dealt with all this bulls**t if he ran and was elected President?! I think not! There's a reason why President Obama is going through all this crap and it ain't because of the color of his skin. It's because a) his father was a FORMER Muslim (became an Atheist), b) his name is Barack Hussein Obama, and c) he's a Liberal Democrat. THOSE are the real reasons why such “conspiracy theory nutcase” issues get such intense, serious consideration in the media – with emphasis on the first two items! If Obama had decided to call himself “Barry Dunham” - taking a more “American” first name and using his Mother's maiden surname, the BS about his birth certificate wouldn't get much credence.

Then the Republicans and their ilk would have nothing else to hammer Obama about except for REAL issues – like jobs, healthcare, taxes, energy, foreign policy – y'know, the kind of stuff that the majority of Americans actually give a crap about?!

Y'know something? Let those Birthers dominate the GOP landscape – it'll just help insure that Barack Obama gets re-elected come 2012! Works for me!

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